Modern Limousines Vs Classic Limousines – Which Is Right for You?


In the most basic sense, wedding limousines can be grouped in one of 2 ways: modern limousines and classic limousines.

Cases of Classic Limousines

These are less common than a number of the other options, so they will cost a bit more to lease.

Classic limousines are elegant and understated and are acceptable for any wedding Huntersville Limousine service.

Examples of Modern Limousines

Modern limousines can be produced from nearly any car.

Modern limousines feature amenities you’d not find on a traditional limousine. They come in a variety of sizes and their over-the-top design makes them appropriate for weddings which are modern and in which the bride and groom want to pull out all of the stops.

When deciding in the event that you should choose a modern limousine or classic limousine, there are several things to take into account.


For many couples, price is a factor when choosing between a classic limo and a modern limo. Ordinarily, a classic limo is going to cost less. This is mainly due to the fact the modern limos will feature exceptional amenities that were quite costly to set up.

Also, there are far more classic limos on the road, therefore there is less demand on the available stock. This is another element which leads to modern limos to often cost more than classic automobiles.


Classic limousines come in a variety of sizes. There are cars which will seat 6 and super stretch choices which will seat up to twelve or even more. If you’ve got a very large group that you to put in your wedding limo, you will probably need to choose a more modern vehicle. You will find modern choices that will seat up to 30, and sometimes much more, passengers in 1 car.

This is ideal for the bride and groom who wish to utilize their wedding limousine to transport the whole wedding celebration in 1 car.


Another factor when choosing between a classic limo and a modern limo is availability. Some brides obtained their hearts set on a really specific modern limousine simply to learn it was not available in the region where they live.

Before settling on a wedding limousine, it’s a good idea to do a quick check to be sure a limousine rental firm in your region has the car that you want. Although it’s sometimes possible to lease one from a distant location, there will be a hefty extra expense involved in doing this.


One of the biggest differences between a modern limo and a timeless limo are the accessible amenities.

While a traditional limo will be quite elegant in its design, it will most likely be rather straightforward. There might be a little bar and a glass partition separating the passengers from the driver, but that might be it.

With a modern limousine, there are no limitations to the amenities which may be accessible for your wedding limousine.

If you’d like much more from your wedding limousine than an elegant way to arrive, a contemporary limo may be the best alternative.

It is tough to compare contemporary limousines versus traditional limousines. In many ways that’s similar to comparing oranges and apples.

There’s no wrong or right. Which type of limousine is best for you is a matter of personal choice. To really be able to compare, it’s ideal to see several limousines in person. This can help you get a feel for if you would rather modern or classic cars for your wedding limo.