Why Do So Many People Relapse After Drug Addiction Treatment


I often found myself wondering why so many people relapsed into their old habits not long after having received drug addiction treatment. In the beginning I was prone to believe that it was the norm and that it was the natural process of the treatment cycle, this however was while I myself was still a junkie.

On a regular basis, I would see ‘friends’ of mine rushed off and taken for drug addiction treatment, but without change, these would be the same friends who a couple of months further down the line would be shooting up with me once again or sharing a crack pipe with me.

This was nothing out of the ordinary and in fact became par for the course, they would go off to a drug addiction treatment center and when they came back, their need and desire for their drug of choice seemed to be even stronger than before, in fact it was normally during these relapses which most of the overdoses would occur.

It was only once I had managed to get clean and stay clean myself that I began to wonder why this was the case DRUG ADDICTION TREATMENT. I looked into many possibilities and believe me the excuses for a relapse could be anything under the sun. There was never a shortage of reasons for the failure of the drug addiction treatment and normally it was ‘never the users fault’.

Now this is not surprising when it comes to a drug user as it is never their own fault, no matter what goes wrong or how bad things get, it was never their own fault. I on the other hand was never really a big believer in drug addiction treatment, I refused it most of the time and denied my problem the rest of the time.

It was only once that I decided to follow this route and sought drug addiction treatment, after that I was clean and had vowed never to go back to my drugging ways. So what made such a difference in my case, why was I able to break free of my addiction and leave it behind me for once and for all, never looking back.

Well here is the secret, after 10 very long and now happy years of recovery, I have come to the conclusion that it was the degree of intent with which I approached my drug addiction therapy which made all of the difference, which had helped to keep me clean and drug free.

It was my intent which had helped me seek out and discover the ‘real cause’ of my addiction and which had forced me to come to terms with it. Let me tell you know, if the intent if the addict is not truly to get and stay clean and they are not willing to begin to address and overcome the root cause of their addiction, chances are they too will relapse no matter what quality of drug addiction treatment they receive.

David Kuhn was a drug addict for a large portion of his life, but has managed to overcome his addiction which culminated in intravenous heroin addiction. He has been ‘clean’ for ten years now and his passion is to help other people understand and overcome their addictions.

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