Website Traffic – The Third Commandment – Article Marketing


As I established previously in this series, off page optimization should primarily focus on producing great content and distributing it in a variety of media. This will not only help your website to perform well in the organic search engine rankings but it will also publicize you site and bring immediate, targeted web traffic.

Article marketing is one of the easiest and most effective forms of content creation and distribution. Primarily, it involves writing regular articles that are related to the theme of your website. They should not promote your website per se but rather, create interesting and valuable content for your readership. The opportunity to promote your website should be reserved for the resource box where you will normally be allowed a backlink to your site Criação de Sites.

The more high quality articles that you write and distribute, the more you will be regarded as an expert on your subject matter and this will not be lost on either your audience or the search engines. Some website owners prefer to outsource their article writing. This of course, is a matter of choice and budget but I would caution that the most important element is to produce high quality articles.

The next consideration is how to distribute your articles across the internet. Many people elect for quantity over quality and use software to automate the distribution to a large number of article publishing sites. Others adopt the quality approach and elect to manually submit their articles to a smaller number of high Page Rank sites. I would suggest the latter is likely to be more effective in the long-term. The reason for this is that search engines will place a lower weighting on duplicate content over original content and also, some of the better quality sites will not accept either automated submissions or duplicate content.

Let’s say that you decide to manually submit each article to five different high Page Rank article sites. It would not be too difficult to either spin the content five times or perform five re-writes of each article to ensure that each article is unique when viewed by the search engines. Some people would even argue that a single unique article distributed to a single high quality site will be sufficient.

The other consideration here is most of the high quality sites will actually distribute your articles for you. This happens in two ways; firstly they are either syndicated with or referenced by other smaller sites and secondly, they have many visitors who are looking to adopt your content for their own websites, along with the mandatory attribution and link back to your site.

And it really is that simple. Produce regular, high quality articles relevant to your niche and distribute via either a single or a small number of high quality article sites. This will help enormously to improve your site’s search engine ranking and also deliver immediate, targeted, website traffic.

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