What They Do not Tell You About SEO + Ranking Techniques


Then search: “SEO”.

Ready, a plethora of content that promise your store in Google’s top position quickly.

But is this really how it works?

Check out this article details on SEO that no one ever told you about!

SEO is not a cake recipe
There are essential techniques for optimizing results and success cases to get inspired, but before starting SEO in your store the camisa gospel, be aware of what went right for store X, it may not work for yours. This is because each case is a case, each store has its segment, its specific products, its own target audience and its goals.

So do not worry if one technique or another does not work for you. This is perfectly normal. Review what went wrong and try again.

No results appear overnight
You may have seen lots of promises of “Top of Google in no time” or “The Clipe Musicas Gospel” That does not exist!

The SEO work is long, arduous, full of ups and downs and never ends. From the beginning of the optimizations, usually the first results begin to appear between 6 months to 1 year. After that, the fight continues to improve rankings and possibly reach the first organic position of the search engine.

Frequency and results monitoring
You did everything right, updated all the titles, descriptions, keywords, URLs and ready, now it’s over. Negative, it’s just starting!

Once you’ve made all the necessary changes, it’s time to see if it’s working. After the change, Google may take a few days to absorb them, from there, the follow-up work starts. Check daily and make sure the pages are getting more or less hits than before, what rank in the ranking you are holding for each search and the click rate.

It may be that something that was working before suddenly stops working (we’ll explain the reason in the next topic), so it’s essential to keep track of what’s working. Test as often as possible!

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