Is Essiac Herbal Tea For Cancer Treatment and Prevention Effective?


The curative advantages of essiac tea are a contentious issue for in excess of 90 decades ago Consuming essiac herbal tea as cure for cancer or along with chemotherapy and radiation is still quite a controversial subject today.

In case you aren’t familiar with some great benefits of this herbal tea, then I’d like to explain relating to this alternate treatment method that many holistic practitioners recommend for several kinds of cancer treatment.

At early 1900’s a young Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse was treating patients . She met with an older female which was diagnosed with advanced stage breast feeding. This woman was recovering in spite of her bad outlook. The trick has been an herbal tea awarded to her by an Ojibwa Indian healer. Nurse Caisse was so impressed she began to explore other people who had experimented with this tea to fight cancer. She discovered that this tea needed significant healing powers.

The important ingredients in this herbal blend are all เจียวกู้หลาน:

Sheep sorrel
Burdock root
Turkey rhubarb root
Slippery elm

Nurse Caisse invested on the subsequent fifty years handling others using this specific green tea. The sheep sorrel along with the burdock root will be the what were found to kill cancer cells. The turkey rhubarb root and the slippery elm bark support enhance and boost the immunity apparatus.

Nurse Caisse treated her mother and her aunt together with essiac tea, since both were identified as having late night period forms of cancer. Both lived and survived into their 90’s immediately after being treated using this specific herbal combination. Many cancer individuals sought this particular treatment being a last attempt to conquer their prostate most cancers. Many were noted to eliminate these cancer because of the treatment with essiac.

In 1938, many prominent physicians in Canada supported legalization of Caisses’ organic tea mixture. In spite of their attempts, the health neighborhood refused to admit the success of essiac tea for a treatment against cancer.

More on the Essiac Tea Controversy. Is Essiac Herbal Tea to Cancer Treatment and Prevention Successful?

U.S. National Institute of wellbeing in 2008, reported “that there is certainly not enough evidence to recommend for or against using essiac herbal tea mixture for being a remedy for

any cancer” The analysis proceeded to express “not one of those herbs within the herbal tea combination have now been studied and analyzed within extensive individual cancer trials.”

This four pill blend is presently being considered as a”Phase III cancer remedy”. Which usually means that it is a potent adequate remedy to aid in fighting the more moderately advanced cancers, but not strong enough to become utilized for its treatment of later stages of most cancers. Obviously, this does not follow that long term research won’t advance the level with the organic tea into line of treatment if results prove it a worthy competitor against cancer.

It’s important to be aware this herb blend is natural and does not comprise any preservatives. It’s essential that any individual that begins treating on their own together with essiac tea, really should consult your own physician. Herbs, just enjoy any medication, may trigger adverse reactions or interact with other medications. Just since it’s an all natural item , does not necessarily mean it is safe and sound when blended with other compounds.

If you’re somebody that’s receiving traditional cancer treatments, you may discuss how essiac tea could be utilised in conjunction to enhance your treatment.