Majority of Chinese Have Negative Impression of Real Estate Developers


China’s housing prices has been high for quite a very long period, at precisely the same period; the unfavorable opinion on real estate programmers can be at its high point. Henan University of Economics and Law has recently released a poll, roughly 76 percent of respondents believe that the actual estate businessmen are”some greedy”, and render negative belief on people.

Some interviewees also think that the developers are”profiteers” with very poor impression. Still another 19.28% think that programmers are”ordinary businessmen”, only 4.68% confirm the worth of this developer, considering they have been”a group of men and women who make important contributions to society.”

The survey of Henan University of Economics and Law has been conducted by 116 university students, as a way to execute this analysis, this group of students went to different target cities at different levels of development, 4743 valid surveys were finally obtained, 849 questionnaires were out of first-tier cities, 2255 from second-tier cities, 1348 admissions third-tier cities, 291 fourth-tier cities.

The poll is in real estate industry, which also contains the people perspectives of relationship between developers and community authorities. 70.13% of those respondents believe that local governments and programmers constitute a”community of interest” and only 8.17% believe the local authorities and developers are”normal government and business relations.”

The present house prices in major Chinese cities have been apparently far from the purchasing capacity of ordinary men and women, to suppress the rapid rise in house prices, the central government has introduced real-estate control policies repeatedly in the past few decades, nevertheless the federal housing prices still remain high. As an effect of the policy, 72.58% of people said”maybe not so hopeful” and”have no hope,” and just 20.46% of people opt”very confident” and”some confidence”, 6.96 percent of respondents actually believe that”prices will likely grow revengefully.”

In numerous variants of their wealth rankings such as the Forbes, Nevertheless, realestate developers usually occupy a sizable proportion, therefore programmers are generally tagged with”riches” tab. Questioning of the actual estate industry and bitterness against the rich developers are not really a brand new topic.Emirates Heights

For negative images, Pan Shiyi, president of SOHO China had studied the reason why: about 50% of those Fortune list are programmers, and also the second, public generally regard realestate is a flourishing industry, moreover, Chinese corrupt officials usually are related to developers, these factors create bad belief to outside universe.

Zhou Fan, a real estate consultant from Guangzhou said, due to the expanding gap between rich and poor, Chinese individuals generally have hostility into the rich, using one hand, the huge wealth possessed by realestate developers profoundly hurt people’s nerves, alternatively is the reality of high housing prices,”people who can’t afford house may naturally shit grievances to developers.” He also described there will probably be some inevitable problems in social evolution; hostility to the programmers will be an inevitable result under the law of economic improvement.