Promotional Tops, Printing Strategies Described for Huge Tops


I experienced a lot of my customers inquire we print their products using different processes at several situations.

This can be a legal question and also for the sake of educating the bigger masses and for those that want I can outline the gap between the printing procedure and how they can apply to your undertaking. Additionally, there are generally 4 printing procedures, they are monitor printing, heat transfer press, along with embroidery”properly this is not only printing but I still set it there as you however need to set an image on a tshirt”. The last and the most current technologies is directly direct to garment. This procedure can produce some amazing high definition photographic printing but it’s in a cost.

Screen printing

Screen printing is the most likely one of the most used procedure of printing promotional t shirts, the setup up method is like offset conventional printing methods at which you have to provide your images directly to separable colour files, as an instance, if you have a four colour document that you will need to supply a CMYK document that the print manufacturing firm can break down each colour and isolate them in one another developing, 4 separate print graphics, a single to your cyan colour, you for magenta and 1 each for its yellowish and also K getting black or grey scale .

Given that the CMYK data files are split a distinct display is created for every single colour altogether four displays a C display, M display, plus yet one each to your Y and K screens. Thus just about every color has its own separate screen. Subsequent to the displays are developed and are quality tested and most of alterations have been made they’ve been installed on into the screen printing media were just about every colour is adapting to the next using enrollment marks on those displays. What this means is the fact that each colour is printed individually to the promotional t-shirt. Given that the displays have been set and have been tested we could get started the printing the tops.

In summarising screen printing we observe there is a significant lot of installation work to be achieved, you need allowing a heavy lead period to get the start up of this promotional T tops, and also as the setup method is so intensive there is really a substantial cost involved around $70 to $150 for each colour so in a four colour print it would vary between $280 and $600 according to your print, and you also have to print just one excellent promotional tee shirt shirt.

The good thing is that the set up is the most expensive part of the screenprinting procedure and from today on every tshirt is currently in a minor value. In conclusion, screenprinting would be the ideal method of producing massive amounts of promotional T shirts, the absolute minimum order of a couple hundred and upwards.

Heat Press

Printing Promotional tops together with heat transfers involves the electronic reproduction of a heating transport image on to specially coated paper that is subsequently reversed heat and printed driven on to the promotional shirt.

The benefits of printing tshirts using heat transfer would be it is conducive to runs. For instance it’s possible and cheap to create as few as a promotional tshirt. For that reason in the event you’ll need just afew tops that this is the technique to be used, regrettably this approach has a enormous restriction, you may just print on to white t shirts, you might believe that that’s perhaps not good but considering over 80 percent of promotional t shirts that are printed white that the choice isn’t so bad.


Since I previously mentioned in the introduction with this article embroidery is definitely not an printing process however of necessity you’re placing a graphic on to an promotional tshirt, which that I decided to add it, if for nothing longer than simply clarifying the process used to embroider promotional tops.

At a very easy explanation embroidery involves r e scanning the picture directly to some stitch design or more so this makes a digital sewing map for the embroidery device to comply with along with One of those limits of embroidery is it is simply conducive to stitching smallish images like a logo on the breast pocket of the tee or even a club emblem on the sleeve of a tee shirt shirt.

Embroidery generates exceptionally lasting products, usually used for corporate garments it is not limited to t shirts or polo tops.

Direct to Garment Printing

This may be the hottest in printing promotional shirts, an entirely digital approach; it works like the home inkjet printer. The t shirt is set on the movable platen and can be directed through the print heads with utmost precision to produce a number of the highest quality printed graphics thus far. This printing technique is able to printing to almost any coloured tee shirt, because it works by using white ink since the base colour on coloured promotional shirts.

With electronic guide to garment printing all you do is mount the t-shirt on to the platen and press print onto your own computer just as you want when printing a word file. The lead to garment process is medium priced and can be getting more cost-effective as fresh technology are being released on to the market. It is likely to produce a single high quality tshirt to several hundred in an extremely cost-effective method.


The screen printing method is very intensive and costly to set up but once carried out it may be the most costeffective method for printing significant volumes of promotional t shirts. The heating media method is just equipped to publish white shirts, however, you may print very small runs and is perfect if you only need one t-shirt.

This is really an process which snaps colored cotton or silk series into a t shirt to create a picture and mostly found on company pajamas. Finally direct to garment printing is now an electronic print Practice

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